Outdoor Fitness Classes

Whatever your background, whatever your goals, our outdoor fitness classes are designed, proven   to get you fit, lose weight and start feeling great!

Tough, fun, challenging and exciting classes that effectively work every muscle in the body, to make you feel amazing both physically and mentally. No screaming, shouting or military style training drills. Just highly experienced trainers to effectively challenge, motivate and support you towards your own personal level to achieve things you may not have believed you were capable of before.

Nothing beats the invigorating feeling of training outdoors in the fresh air, and at only £40 a month our outdoor freefitness Memberships are the perfect way to discover a new you and meet new, like minded people along the way. Choose your class, experience the rush and come see the results for yourself!







Shred and Burn

*All results may vary we can not guarantee desired results.